Dua Kuali – Indonesian Instant Seasoning

Dua Kuali is Agungsari’s brand for spices (raw/ground) and Indonesian instant seasoning such as Bumbu Nasi Goreng Jawa, Bumbu Rawon, Bumbu Gulai, Bumbu Soto Ayam and many more. Currently we have 22 different variants of Indonesian instant seasoning for popular dishes.

Our Seasoning products are made from NATURAL and mostly are FRESH INGREDIENTS, based on our authentic recipes and processed traditionally yet hygienic. Then immediately packed to lock the taste and the smell better so we can deliver homey-Indonesian-Dishes anywhere.

To prove our words, we provide 100% FREE SAMPLE* for any foreigners who want to distribute and sell our products worldwide. Resellers are welcome.
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Here are some of our Indonesian Seasoning products.